10 Phrases in Spanish for your foreign ears

Hello Beyonder. During this week of travelling at the coast and coffee region we realized that travelers need to learn how to ask the basic and necessary things in Spanish but they are usually confused with its pronunciation. That’s why, we decided to help you with that! Besides, you will have two editions! The best part of this one is that it has English pronunciation so you could understand what you say perfectly:

1) English Pronunciation: O Trap Serve Be Zap | Means in Spanish: Another Beer.

2) English Pronunciation: Ten Go Ham Bread | Means in Spanish: I’m hungry

3) English Pronunciation: Puck E Two | Means in Spanish: A little, a few.

4.  English Pronunciation: Moo Chop | Means in Spanish: A lot of

5. English Pronunciation: Done The Star Elle Van E O | Means in Spanish: Where is the bathroom or Restroom

6. English Pronunciation: Bam Us A By Lark | Means in Spanish: Let’s dance

7. English Pronunciation: S Toy Bow Rap Chow | Means in Spanish: I’m Wasted, I’m Drunk

8.  English Pronunciation: Free Hall Eat Us | Means in Spanish: Beans

9. English Pronunciation: On A Pole Ah Free Ah| Means in Spanish: A Cold Beer

10. English Pronunciation: Moo E Calling N Tea | Means in Spanish: Very Hot

I hope you enjoyed and don’t forget to share it with your friends!!!

Felipe El Negro Orbegozo

Beyond Colombia BC

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