10 Types of Colombian Guys You Might Bump with in Bogotá

This post is inspired in different stories about friends who have dated Colombian guys being in Bogotá and have come to me looking for advices or just to gossip around. Dear readers, according to all these stories is truth that Colombian guys are very special and inspire love to foreigners, are very gentlemen and sweet. Maybe you will understand why here the risk is wanting to stay… With a Colombian boy.

Below I resume the 10 types of Colombian guys you might find if you come looking for a local full experience no matter if you are working for a social volunteering, in private enterprise or just traveling around:

1. “Los Barristas” (The Soccer Lovers). You will recognize them because they are always using a local soccer team jersey. Their first concern is how to get a ticket for next game, they will stood you up for sure if you set a romantic date the same day of the match! Imagine when the national team plays … Their love for soccer is so big that they even name their sons with famous colombian players’ names, for example “James Danilo” or “Falcao Jair” or simple “James Falcao”. So once you accept to date or marry this one, accept also your future kid’s name.

2. “El pinta” (The good looking guy) In simple words: papasito! The super fashion, the one that never dress in the wrong way because he is always in! His hair cut, fine brands and sexy smile. Always smells good. He will flirt from the beginning and say pretty things like your smile, your pretty cheeks, the way you look to him… Ain’t good to date a “papirriqui”? (delicious man).

3. “El Mamerto o Hippie” (The radicals). They love to be involved with social causes, are always worried about the world, the animals, the global warming, the social changes and so on. Positive side: they are superconscious, I think that is good, but in excess can be also annoying if you are hearing complains about everything all the time. If you believe in his fight, be ready to be inside in a protest over Seventh Avenue (Avenida Séptima) in Bogotá!

4. “El Amarrado” (The Stingy). He is always analyzing the price of everything. If you are thinking to date this one, you need to be patient but don’t take him for shopping! That would be depressing, you will end up with almost nothing on your hands because “everything is expensive and doesn’t worth”. He is paying attention to every simple detail in terms of money. He will even ask you to split the bill at your birthday, or even worse, you will end up paying for both of you. He doesn’t matter about other’s money, just his.

5. “La mole” (The Gym lover). Is extremely cute exposing his amazing six pack. Is not too common to see him over the streets, but if you get the chance to see one will blow your mind! What is his daily concern? How to be fit (keep being fit!) and healthy. What’s your concern? Not to exceed the 1268 calories per day! Date one of this and start losing weight!  PS: He will force you to wake up for jogging very early in the morning.

6. “El Intenso” (The Intense Guy). Here in Colombia you will find this kind of guy that is particularly funny. What’s going on with him? He is simply obsessed with you. He will look for you all day long and his mood will depend on that, so don’t be surprised if you bump into this kind of guy who’s always worried about you. What’s his concern? “No signal” notification on his phone!! Be ready to have an unannounced visit with flowers, chocolate and teddy bears. Guess what? He won’t give up.

7. “El Marrano” (The One Millón Dollar guy). This is the guy who is willing to give you anything you ask for, even talking about of intangible things. He is full of bills and in charge of paying the dinner, cinema, gifts, everything. Once you date this “Marrano”, you will forget you need to carry your wallet. How people will call you? The one that “Marranea”.

8. “El Perro” (The Flirtatious Guy – “The Dog”). He is the one that will make you fall in love while you look at his lips, an unique power in his mouth. Everytime he opens his mouth girls cannot stop. Is super funny, super easygoing, is actually brilliant on the way he interacts with ladies. What’s his concern? None, he will get what he wants. What’s yours? “Does he love me or is it just a passenger love”?

9. “El Picado” (The Show Off). This is the typical guy who is always trying to impress others by showing the pretty things he posses. He shimmers the brands he uses or the travels he does. When dating, can be interesting to open your world up for new things but sooner or later you will get bored if you don’t share his passion about showing off or “flying” above the rest.

10. “El Gordito” (The Chubby Guy). He is a cool guy. Is always looking for something new to eat and his life goes around new food experiences. Are you an adventurous girl and love Colombia? Date this guy, (my personal advise), a Colombian food lover, the one that won’t deny you new foodie experiences and of course a new world into unknown restaurants and food parading’s. He is most of the time in a good mood and try to be optimistic about life. What’s his concern? “What’s new for today?”. What’s yours? “Jesus, I love him but i need to stop eating like him!!”.

Note! When it comes to date a latin american guy, Colombians are the best, they are funny, amusing, and know perfectly how to trick a woman (in a good way: make them fall in love), they are kind, sweet, attentive, romantic… In other words a perfect latin lovers!

Daniela Rey Vásquez.

Beyond Colombia BC

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