10 unusual moments Colombians always celebrate

Many people wonder why Colombians have a reputation for being one of the happiest countries in the world, and the answer is very simple: despite inconveniences we always have a smile to offer the world. That’s why we always seek for happy moments, to celebrate life and along this post we will show you 10 unusual moments Colombians always celebrate. When do we celebrate?  

10. When we are promoted at work: This is surely one excelent reason to celebrate! This means more money, a higher status at the organization, a family pride, a happy girlfriend/wife, and of course… more expenses. What do colombians normally do when promoted? We go out with friends and spend the money we don’t have!! We use our credit cards, borrow money, or whatever is the source of money we need to celebrate!

9. When we quit a bad job: You first think (if you are promoted) this is the right job but afters few months isn’t what you were expecting. It becomes a torture, a frustration and you feel you need to get away of it and once you decide to step out of this nightmare, you only feel relieved when you celebrate! 5 minutes before leaving definitely the company you feel anxious to run away, meet your same friends when you were promoted and “get off one’s chest” about everything you lived inside those four walls. What do friends say about this? “This was the best option, let’s celebrate because more and better things are about to come, cheers!” … Good friends.

8. When we passed a final exam: Have you faced a final exam without studying? You feel hopeless, right? You think you will have to repeat the course and say good bye to a scholarship… The exam was hard, you tried your best, you have counted every single day for the result, you were sad and worried all this time, until this day have come… And you read the results, it says: FELIPE: Approved. Bloody hell!!!!!! I passed the exam, that’s what you won’t realize for the next week. The same day we go out and have loads of drinks, you want to let everybody you are smart enough even though you had the lowest score to approve it. Well done and say hello to scolarship 🙂

7. When there is a farewell: Families are very close in Colombia and if someone goes away we need to wish him/her the best luck. How? Celebrating this new step no matter whether it is a trip, a new employ or an academic opportunity. Your friends are invited, relatives, neighbors on the block, and it becomes a “Parranda” (party with a huge mess). What to expect? Loads of food and alcohol. In a conservative family they are going to say: “Please, come just yourself, no threesomes, don’t mess it up”; in an open family you will hear: “Bring girlfriends so we can meet them!!” Enjoy life!

6. Because he/she returned from the trip: Didn’t have enough party abroad? Don’t worry, your family is waiting for you to celebrate that you are back to your mummy’s arms. Basically we go out for dinner, good drinks, good meal and your same friends. What to expect? An interrogation, all your funny moments, unexpected adventures you had and even all your romances. This is a nice moment to gather together and to share, “Salud”!

5. When there is a holiday: This is a very common excuse to celebrate, even more if you are in Bogotá because you are looking for warm wheater and this means that after friday work you are off for 3 days to get lost. Surrounding Bogotá, just 1h30 away, you find towns with great parties, good restaurants and good swimming pools. Bring it on Mr. Holiday!

4. When we start a relationship: As a source of happiness this means you need to celebrate this new beginning. We normally go out for a formal dinner ending in a great party. What to expect? Bounch of friends bulling you about this new yoke you put yourself, but this doesn’t matter to us, we live love with so much passion hoping it lasts forever.

3. When we end that relationship: We normally feel jilted and there’s no better way to forget about it celebrating with your friends, “there are too many fish in the sea”, you will hear. This rupture brings you a new opportunity, so you just need to knock the right door. Of course, this celebration is the first step to overcome your jilted mood, so we go out and knock the whole night like a needed dog. If we are lucky, we go in, if not, keep knocking.

2.”Just Because” (Porque ajá): This is the most unusual celebration, it’s in our blood. But what the heck is this? Is an excuse to celebrate anything! There’s no reason about it, it is just the sensation of eagerness, anxiety, that’s guide us to our most loved pub or night club. If they ask you: “What are you celebrating today?”, We answer, “Today is a special day because yes”… WTF? Simple, celebrate life.

1. When our beloved National Soccer Team plays: Is the biggest celebration we have. Crazy people over the streets, flour on your face, water pumps and cash register rolls decorate the streets, companies even stop working, all the noise of the vuvuzelas you can’t imagine!!!! CRAZY!! Is the passion we feel for “Nuestra Selección”, it moves people around the globe! Being the fourth best selection of Brazil World Cup 2014 make us proud, even more than 100,000 people received the team at the airport. This si something you need to live, so grab a Colombian and watch a game!

Can you tell us, if you were Colombian, which moment would you celebrate the most? 

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Felipe El Negro Orbegozo

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