9 phrases in spanish for your foreign ears, Part II

Continue with the last post, after weeks of hard work searching and going deep into Colombian phrases, we are ready to complete our phrases about pronunciation in spanish using some words in english, just to make your life easier here.

Remember that is useful for you if you need something or if you want to order anything and you don’t know spanish. Is an easy and a funny way to learn words and expressions in Spanish. This is our second part, we hope you will enjoy it and learn new useful words to survive in Colombia!

1. English Pronunciation: Moo E When O | Means in Spanish: Very Good

2. English Pronunciation: On Us Web Eat Us | Means in Spanish: Some Eggs

3. English Pronunciation: Kerry CO. | Means in Spanish: Delicious

4.  English Pronunciation: No Law Z | Means in Spanish: I Don’t Know

5. English Pronunciation: Mess Zero | Means in Spanish: Waiter, Server

6. English Pronunciation: Bend Pack Up Mama Sea Tap | Means in Spanish: Come Here Baby

7. English Pronunciation: Bet Sammy Moo Chop | Means in Spanish: Kiss Me A Lot

8.  English Pronunciation: Manny Anna | Means in Spanish: Tomorrow

9. English Pronunciation: Poor Fab Our C North | Means in Spanish: Please Man

Apply all these wise  advice, you will need it once in a while. Or better take some good and easy spanish classes instead. We hope you  laughed a lot with this tips! Don’t forget to share it. And GO BEYOND!

Luis Felipe “El negro” Orbegozo,

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