9 Reasons Why your Life is not Complete if you don’t have a Colombian Friend

Living abroad gives you the opportunity to share with so many cultures. But I must tell you, no one can magine what it’s like to share months, parties, movies, or just time with Colombian people. Once you make Colombian friends you become addicted to their laughs, jokes, screams, unique stories and even simple ways to enjoy life as it is! Let’s take a look at the nine strong reasons you should have a Colombian friend to feel complete!

1. Without a Colombian Friend you do not know how to call pretty ladies or boys in secret forms: He or she will teach you how to use secret words to describe someone that is extremely hot or someone who is the target. Expressions that you will learn to say with only your eyes, or with your mouth, such as a ¡Uuuuyyyyyyyy¡ or with a ¡Uhhhhhhhh! Terms like “Look that papi” or “Look that mami”; even “Cosita” and “Cosota”, all with sounds and opened eyes that can work perfectly.

2. It will be hard to only drink one beer: Colombian people like to go beyond, even if that means Go beyond Celebration! We are willing to be happy all the time, so if we are invited for only one beer the result might be finishing at 3am by pub crawling around the city.

3. Your Colombian Friend will never forget any funny mistakes you have made: Yes, well, we had an expression for this, and it’s called “Montar” (bulling), which means it’s possible to always remember one person after they make a funny  mistake or have an embarrassing moment, just with laughter!

4. If you party with a Colombian, you will learn how to dance to every single song the DJ plays – Colombians never tire at a party! If they see you siting there looking bored, they will immediately grab you and drag you on to the dance floor! So this is a great reason to have a Colombian friend, you are going to shake your body more than anyone else.

5. Your Colombian friend will change “No” into “Yes”: This mostly happens when you don’t want to go out and your Colombian friend will change a “No” into “Just for an hour” or “Just for a little bit,” or even better “We’re  just going to say hello and then we’re coming  back”. You can be sure that every experience will be crazy no matter what  your Colombian friend has planned.

6. With a Colombian friend you will develop the “Double Sense” when talking about sex: Here we use the “Doble sentido” to mention some sexual adventure or any sexual situation just for a joke. Any conversation might go with the normal sense but might mean something different. Using common expressions such as “bread” or “chicken” or just “arrive early” or any word can change to refer to something related with sex.

7. When answering a Colombian it call can be funny: Colombians use too many nicknames for everything, so they can answer the phone with expressions like “Kiubo”, “Qué más”, “Todo bien o qué?” “Hola Bola”, “Alonso”, “Diga”, “Holanda”, “Perri”, and so on.

8. Laughing for saying bad words: Colombians have too many bad words, and occasionally using those words can be super fun if the person adds a body expression or if the person who said is too polite to say it, or if the moment to say it is not the correct moment. You will learn tons of ways to use bad words just for laughing hard with your friends.

9. The last and most important reason to have a Colombian friend, is that most of the simple stories or every day moments can be transformed into big and amazing stories: Going shopping and finding that unique shirt you are looking can be the fight of your life, or taking Transmilenio to work can be the perfect opportunity to find love at first sight, waiting for a green light can be a perfect moment to kiss, everything here in Colombia becomes a big and positive experience that deserves to be told for fun and sharing unique moments!

So my advice is to have a  happy and special Colombian friend to make your days happier when you are down, and of course a colombian friend that stays with you en las buenas y en las malas!

Daniela Rey Vásquez

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