Colombia is back! World cup fever everywhere!

Disorder, swing, lack of planning, happiness, people arriving late,… that´s what the world imagine when talking about Latin people!… In fact that’s kind of right!

I am Colombian, and of course I am against stereotypes, which are very harmful for us. I am not proud about our disorder neither, but sometimes it can be interesting… One example of that is our celebration when the national soccer team wins a match. The soccer is one of the biggest passions of the Colombian people and being in the World Cup is very special for us because we have been waiting 16 years for this moment! The June 14th 2014 was one of the most expected days for a very large number of Colombians, but it was not because the presidential elections day (which was the day after), this time it was the debut of Colombia in the FIFA World Cup in Brazil.

It was a Saturday!! The perfect day to watch a soccer match… a day off for most of the people, the perfect day for a barbecue with friends, our expectation for the soccer game was in the air. In the morning the first impression of Bogota was a terrible traffic jam (which is not a novelty), but this time the stress had changed for a good feeling in the people, colorful streets (yellow, blue and red, the colors of the national team shirt), and Colombian flags everywhere.

There was a lot of positivism, but also the phantoms of the last participations of Colombia in the world cups made Colombians more cautious with the forecasts. Colombia had three failed attempts to get in to the 32 classified teams in the World Cup, 9 different coaches had tried to do it, 16 years had passed since the last participation, but this time we made it! With the lead and direction of the Argentinian coach José Pékerman. It is the perfect opportunity to shine because the World Cup is played in Brazil, one of our neighbor countries.

This Saturday,  the streets were empty, you were not able to find anyone over the main streets, in other words the city seemed to be a ghost city. This time the rival was Greece, the game was played in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, but it seemed they were playing at home in a Colombian stadium, because it was full of Colombians supporting the national team. When the national anthem was played most of Colombians at the stadium cried as the images show… Even me who was behind of a T.V. The game was a success! Colombia started winning very soon…

A shout hidden for 16 years was liberated!!! … In the field players showed their passion but most important, their skills, “they sweated the t-shirt” (Colombian expression to say that they gave their best), showing to the world the Colombian way to do it. Later on, in Colombia the party started and as a famous Colombian song says: It wasn’t one nor were two… They were three!!! Colombia won 3-0 and the Colombian chaos started to show it´s interesting side.

The celebration started with the people throwing flour on the streets, the sound of the cornets everywhere, happiness and gabble, cars using the horn imitating a victory cadence. And off course… Disorder in Colombia! If you don’t like the noise and the disorder, it´s better not to be on the streets in one day like these.

The crowd took control over the city and it’s impossible to slip past, the celebration took several hours and the optimism of the colombians increase instantly. The cities collapse but people enjoyed this day… soccer is really important for colombians and after 16 years… we deserve a huge celebration till the next day! Let’s see how it will be when Colombia wins the World Cup.

By Edwin

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