Discovering Magic Everywhere: Where to drink a good coffee in Bogota

If you live in a big city as Bogota, it means you are probably  used to spend almost 1 hour to go to your school or work, you are more used to the pollution and crowded places than any other, and you are familiar with the social landscape of the city. But for me this city means so much more than some buildings and traffic jam, this city for me is a place full of opportunities, beauty and culture. Why am I telling you that? Because, this blog is intended to find magic, charm and beauty on the unexpected places.

I have been born and raised in Bogota, and I invite you to discover with me the unknown and beautiful places of my country. Today, I will talk about one of the most representative symbols of Colombia in the world, the coffee. But at this time I will focus on coffee culture in Bogota. As Colombians we love coffee, we have different beverages prepare based on coffee as the “tinto” (Black coffee), “perico” (Coffe with milk) or “carajillo” (Coffe with aguardiente) which are drink all over the country, you can find them in local shops or if you go to visit someone at their house you could be invited to drink a cup of coffee, in Colombia it is normal to go out at evening to take a coffee with someone and talk.

One the most known coffee shops in Bogota is Juan Valdez, this has been the brand of the national coffee association since many years ago. But as we are willing to go beyond the normal coffee shops, I invite you to go to la Candelaria, in the center of Bogota, there you can find some interesting places as “El Gato Gris” a restaurant located at “El chorro de Quevedo” where you can drink a good coffee in an amazing place, full of history and magic at nights there is live music and the environment is conductive for couples.

On the other hand, if you are interested on knowing the coffee production or tasting process and enjoy premium coffee 100% Colombian you should go to Amor perfecto located on Teusaquillo this place produce and commercialize coffee from different regions of the country and you can see all the process from the coffee grounding until it is prepared in your cup.

Also if you are interested on going to a mystical places you can go to Usaquen there are many interesting places to know and drink a good coffee alone or with someone.

I hope this post has helped you to find great places, if you go there or know any other nice place please leave a comment.

By Christian Melo

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