Partying in Bogotá

One thing you cannot complain about Bogota is the party scene! Open for all tastes and levels of energies. Whether you are an intense raver or a chill person that just prefers sitting back with a glass of beer, this city has something for your night out plans. We have very different friends, from a lot of different backgrounds, so we have gone out to party in a lot of different places. These are some of our favorite places to go out for our different moods!

Bogotá Beer Company

Bogotá Beer Company (BBC) (Rock, Alternative, Indie)

Started off as a small local brewery here in Bogotá, they serve the best Colombian beer. They have many amazing choices, usually with different aromas such as honey, coconut, or coffee, and of course, the more basic reds, blondes, or lager as well. BBC is one of the few places in town that doesn’t just blast reggaeton… Good music plus good beer, what more do you need? Another plus, they are branched out all over the city. There are the normal BBC bars which do table service for drinks as well as food. These normally have bigger spaces and serve bar food like wings, nachos, and sometimes pizza (which is good as well!). The other type is called BBC Bodega. These are generally smaller and do not offer food nor table service, however, you can bring in your own food! Beers at bodegas are cheaper because of that. For some nice beer in a great atmosphere, find one closest to you and head over there now! Be warned, they all get jam-packed on weekends!

Doña Ceci (Reggaeton, Vallenato, Musica Popular, Colombian hits)

This student bar is simply a legend. Hidden in the walls of La Candelaria, Doña Ceci, or Mrs. Ceci, opened this bar about 40 years and still runs it herself til today. Since the day it opened until now, it is still one of the most iconic bars where the university students in the area go for a beer, or ten, after class. What seems to be just a hole in the wall with the only sign being a stone plate issued by the mayor’s office is actually a huge, 1-and-a-half story space filled with small stools and tables (For all you tall gringos, it can be a little tight). If you are in the area, definitely check out this classic for some cheap beers and loud and diverse music all around the bar.

Goce Pagano

El Goce Pagano (Salsa)

El Goce Pagano is a traditional salsa bar in Bogotá. With a long history, this very building was once a brothel which later turned into a bakery, and now this awesome bar. They are open on the weekends with live salsa and great artisanal beer. If you will not be visiting Cali on your trip, then definitely head to this bar for a little salsa culture trip! With live salsa playing all night, there is no better place to start learning the steps.

Presea (Reggaeton with a hint of pop)

If you love reggaeton, this is the place to go! They are focused on that genre, and probably it will be the only kind of music you will listen there, from the classics to the newest hits, along with some famous English pop songs once in a while. It’s common to hear Colombians singing out with a passion to their loved tunes. They usually keep their crowd only over 21, even though the legal age here is 18. Drinks are expensive and the entrance usually is 20,000 COP. Sometimes they do host all-can-drink tequila or aguardiente events for 45,000 COP… for all night of unlimited shots. It is located on a terrace on the famous Calle 85 in the Zona T, Bogotá’s party zona. There are 2 clubs located in the building, one on top of the other. Bruno, Presea’s sister club, is 2 floors down and usually has a younger crowd and plays pop songs alongside, of course, reggaeton.

Asilo (Rock, Punk, Soul, Funk, Disco)

This place is an icon of the alternative scene of Bogotá. We love it. It is a rock bar located in Chapinero, in a corner of Caracas Avenue, or Carrera 14. The music usually varies from rock, punk variations, new wave and 80’s, and occasionally do disco and funk nights, which are our favorites! Drinks are cheap (4,000 COP for a beer) and the entrance is usually 10,000 COP with one beer included, if not 15,000 (the cheapest place to go out in Bogotá!). The perfect place if you are tired of reggaeton and the ‘usual suspects’.

Gringo Tuesday (Reggaeton, Pop, Classic hits)

You can guess from the name, it’s a party full of foreigners on Tuesdays. Hosted by a club called Vintrash on Calle 85, they start off the night with a language exchange, which has no entrance fee, a chill event to meet people from different countries and practice or learn new languages. Foreigners who go for this first part and stay at a table just speaking your language gets a free beer every hour. A pretty good deal, right? All you have to do is speak your language and help other people practice! If you arrive for this part, you can also stay on to the actual Gringo Tuesday party without paying the 20,000 COP entrance. This is probably the one place in Bogotá that plays the most English songs. It’s a pretty good party and one of the few on Tuesdays.

Armando (Reggaeton, current hits, house)

Located also on a terrace right across the street from Presea, Armando is one of the hotspots of Calle 85. The space of the club itself is very interesting and different from other usual places in town. It does lean more towards the more expensive side, even for clubs in the Calle 85 area that already cost higher (entrances usually vary between 20-35,000 COP and beers cost at least 12,000 COP). Armando is separated into two parts; the first floor which plays reggaeton and English hits while the rooftop which hosts house or techno events. Armando is one of the few places that sometimes have events on weekdays; sometimes Thursday events, but they also have techno night every Wednesday. It’s a great place if you want to have a few music options through the night.


Theatron (Every genre that exists)

This is probably the biggest gay club in the world, although we couldn’t really find a proper listing. If you are in Bogotá for a weekend and really want a real night out, go to this theatre-turned-club. Located in a full building (the club is literally one whole building), it has 13 different zones each with a different genre of music including reggaeton (of course), pop, the 80s, rock, and electronic. What’s so special about this place then, you may ask. Once you decide on spending your night here, the only money you’ll be spending is the entrance fee (and taxi) because it has open-bar until 2am. Saturdays are the big nights for Theatron. This is when every single room is open including the main stage where each Saturday has different live shows. Don’t be put off by the fact that it is a ‘gay club’ because every Bogotano goes there… no discrimination here! Head over there to check out their male-only rooms, female-only rooms, dance or fashion shows, live house/techno sets on the rooftop, or just explore the whole place and go crazy!

Videoclub (Techno, House, live chill music)

Videoclub is one of Jamie’s favorite places in Bogotá. A meeting point of Bogotano techno lovers. Well-hidden behind some local shops and hot dog joints, Videoclub is located in the Chapinero neighborhood, right in the middle of the block. You cannot hear any music, see no signs, so the only way to find it is looking for the line piling on outside. The space is very interesting and amazingly different. The downstairs area is more like a chill lounge with more relaxing music like reggae or rap, sometimes with live shows, while the second floor has a big warehouse vibe with just the DJ booth and some cool light. Really cool ambiance with great music, you will not be disappointed.


Baum (Techno, House)

Another great place techno lovers spend their weekends. This club is located in the La Macarenaneighborhood and hosts events, with local and international DJs every weekend. They don’t have a sign out front, but you can easily spot it by the line going to a black house. It may be the only club in Bogotá that is open until 8am, but they do close earlier depending on the event. It is also one of the few places in town where people simply go dancing. Drinks are expensive and the entrance price usually varies from free to around 40k, depending on the DJs playing that night. They are also pretty selective, so don’t be surprised to see some people not being let in; although generally, foreigners get pass pretty easily. The music is strictly electronic, mostly techno and house. They bring in great local DJs as well as huge names of the scene; you can spot the hottest DJs that play in European festivals here. Check their facebook page for events.

Bogotá has an awesome party scene and there are probably more than hundreds of bars around the city. Wherever you decide to go, a Colombian night out will not start without aguardiente or ron. Have fun and drink responsibly!

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