Riding a bike on Sunday

This may sound weird, but here in Bogota every Sunday the main streets and roads are converted for the “Ciclovia”. Maybe you have heard about it, the “Ciclovia” consists of a bike path created by the closing of certain streets to automobiles, allowing cyclists and pedestrians to practice sports, jog, and ride their bikes. This picture shows the Seventh Carrerra, one of the main arteries of the city, shut down for “Ciclovia”.

Biking on the “carrera septima”

Each Sunday from 7am to 2 pm the “Ciclovia” runs in different parts of Bogota, so this not only allows you to get to know places that you normally don’t go, but it also lets you get exercise and take in the strong sunshine of the capital. This open activity occurs every single Sunday, as I said, and also on public holidays. It also offers the opportunity to try out some of the many fresh-squeezed juices on the roadside, such as my favorite, the energizing orange and carrot blend. These special stops also offer fresh sliced fruit, or you can choose a combination of both in the traditional “Salpicon”, a sweet and tasty mix of fruit and juice. Moreover, “Ciclovia” is not only for people. Animals can delight in the pedestrian paths as well, as pets are permitted without any problem.

Resting in the Simon Bolivar Park

You will get a work out cycling across the different inclined streets that Bogota has, and of course, you will feel the beauty of this city while traversing under the bridges, above them, and so on.

The best part about being involved in this event is that it gives you the chance to hang out with your friends at least once during the week, to visit public parks, libraries, museums and even see other great events that foundations or others are organizing in the city.

I truly suggest to every visitor that is coming or is staying in Bogota to go and have a good time on the ciclovía. So, take this opportunity to break the routine of the work week and tour Bogota by bike so you can feel the energy this amazing city has to offer.

By Daniela

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