Where to Stay in La Candelaria, Bogotá

La Candelaria is Bogotá’s city center and old town district. Full of colorful houses, beautiful historical buildings and the zoomed-in view of the mountains, of course, La Candelaria is a great place to stay and to get to know Bogotá from the beginning of time. This historic center is always full of energy and vibrancy. So, why would want to stay here? In La Candelaria you can find many bars, museums, restaurants, Beyond Colombia’s Free Tours, and hostels. You can find many amazing places where you can experience true Colombian culture, learn about the history and enjoy its cuisine.

Here are some nice hostels we highly recommend:

(The list comes in no particular ranking, the first one does not mean it is the best place to stay… These are all amazing hostels!)

Explora Hostel

Explora Hostels

Explora is a pretty hostel, with a clean and fresh atmosphere. It has considerably good prices and offers a very nice breakfast(not included). The hostel, in general, has a relaxing vibe and is not a big party scene; for people who prefer their privacy and quietness over meeting huge gangs of people. A bonus to this hostel is that it has one of the best hostel showers in Bogotá, so you won’t have to worry about that on a cold and wet day in this city. For more information, check out their website.

Price range:  approx. USD$10-12 (30,000-33,000 COP) for shared rooms and USD$20-34 (60,000-99,000 COP) for private rooms.

Address: Calle 12c #3-19 MAP

Arche Noah

Arche Noah

Arche Noah is a boutique hostel that is not only great for solo travelers, but also families. The tranquil space comes with a terrace where you can enjoy the sun/sunset/sunrise or relax while taking in the great view of the city… or well, doing all of those things while having a BBQ! Guests can enjoy spacious rooms, whether it is the en-suite apartment, family rooms or a nice simple bed in one of the shared rooms. Check out their website or Hostelworld.com for more information.

Price range: approx. USD$12(35,000 COP) for shared rooms and USD$33-37(98,000-110,000 COP) for private rooms.

Address: Calle 12f #2-09 MAP

Fernweh Photography Hostel

Fernweh Photography Hostel

Fernweh Photography Hostel is a great little artsy place to stay. It is the perfect example of a colonial house here in Colombia, with a nice semi-outdoor patio with hammocks where you can hang around and meet travelers alike. The hostel is located in a quieter part of La Candelaria, which means no loud honks or noises of people from the street! During your stay, also enjoy the photography exhibition constantly on display along the corredors and in the common areas. For more information, visit their website to book directly or through Hostelworld.com.

Price range: USD$13-15(37,000-45,000 COP) for shared dorms and USD$45-50(135,000-150,000 COP) for private rooms with shared bathrooms.

Address: Carrera 2 #9-46 MAP

Lima Limón Hostel

Lima Limon Hostel

LimaLimon Hostel is a colorful hostel located right by the infamous Chorro de Quevedo, where the first ever church in Bogota was built. The area is always exciting with activities going on, whether it is storytelling in front of the church, a tiny flea market with handmade artesans, or good bars and restaurants in the area. With its great vibrant ambiance and amazing staff, you will not be disappointed with your stay. Visit their website or Hostelworld.com for more information or to book a room!

Price range: approx. USD$10(30,000 COP) for shared dorms and USD$26-30(80,000-90,000 COP) for private rooms with shared bathrooms.

Address: Carrera 1 #12-15



This famous hostel chain offers an amazing experience during your stay. Perfect for meeting new people, amazing parties, and a great restaurant, there is no place like Selina. Right after its already existing hostels in Cartagena and Medellin, Selina Bogota will be up and running this 15th September! Reservations can already be made on their website or Hostelworld.com.

Price range: approx. USD$47-124(145,000-376,000 COP) for private double rooms and USD$14-19(43,000-58,000 COP) for dorms.

Address: Calle 11 #3-43 MAP

Hands down, La Candelaria is one of the best areas to stay in Bogotá. The neighborhood is not that big and no matter what hostel you choose, you will have a great experience in the area. Don’t forget to enjoy strolls up and down Calle 11 or its sister street just as beautiful, Calle 10. Check out our Free Tours and/or roam around the neighborhood on your own to discover all the tiny secrets it keeps hold. Anyway, you will definitely enjoy this unique Colombian gem!

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