Who are LET US GO TWO?

We are Bruno and Jamie. Bruno is from Belo Horizonte, Brazil, and Jamie is from Bangkok, Thailand. We first met here in this very city, Bogotá, and have been living here for almost 3 years now. We are both passionate travelers and would try to explore new places every chance we get, except… responsibilities, right? We are currently doing our Bachelor’s degree here, Bruno in Economics and Jamie in Architecture, in two different universities.

This was us in the carnival of Belo Horizonte in 2016! Jamie’s first time in Brazil

Why Colombia? How did you even get here? How have you been living here for so long? These are all questions we get frequently from anyone we meet. Well, we have fallen in love with the country since our very first weeks. Within these 2 years and a half, we have had the chance to see so many wonders of this beautiful country and yet, there’s still so much more. Colombia is vibrant and exciting, with each region and city having their own culture. Bogotá is such a fun and eclectic city where one can never get bored, whether it’s nightlife, things to do, or natural activities. Through these few years living here, we have learned so much about Bogotá, a city where we were once just tourists, and we still keep learning something new about this awesome place every day.

Now, in this moment of our lives, we want to share with you all our experience of living here in Bogotá, our recommendations like the best and different places to eat, amazing museums, where to stay, where to go (and where not to go), and many other different tips. We want to be your “foreign eyes” here in Bogotá along with our friends Beyond Colombia who believe in positively impacting tourists’ experiences, and so do we. We are pretty excited to start this new adventure, to let you guys know more about Bogotá and Colombia. As the Colombian tourism campaign says: “the risk is wanting to stay”… well,  we took that risk, and we’re still here.

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